Monday, January 11, 2016

Nonie Darwish Condemns Our Sell-Out Western leaders

Hat tip Atlas Shrugs

Egyptian-born apostate from Islam, Nonie Darwish, has written a revealing article in Atlas Shrugs condemning Western leaders for defending Islam no matter how many attacks we suffer at the hands of Muslim terrorists.

"The leaders of Al-Azhar University in Cairo keep telling the world over and over again that if Al-Azhar condemned ISIS, it would mean they are condemning themselves and their own teaching as un-Islamic." 

When you consider that Al Azhar University is the leading university of Islamic thought in the world, what could be more damning than that?


Squid said...

Darwish is correct! One does not have to go to far to understand this "sell-out to Islam. The first foreign speech by Obama was in Cairo, at the Al Azhar Univesity, where he slammed Amaerica and praised Islam. He also invited the Muslim Brotherhood terror group to that speech. In addition, he invited the Muslim Brotherhood CAIR, to the White White House and will have them as guests at the SOTU address tomorrow night. Saudi Arabia, the Emerits, Great Britian and Egypt classify the MB as a terrorist group. Twenty other Democrats will invite Muslims to the SOTU, as well.
So, yes indeed, Darwish correct.


Siarlys Jenkins said...

Shrug... but no, I'm not Atlas.