Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Cal State LA: Turmoil at My Alma Mater

Hat tip The College Fix

Image of Robert Weide

Robert Weide

Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro will be appearing at my alma mater, California State University at Los Angeles, in February, and there promises to be plenty of fireworks. One CSULA professor (Robert Weide) is stirring the pot with a series of controversial statements regarding the appearance. He even brings up the image of Rosa Parks to make his "white privilege" claims and invites his opponents to meet him in the gym

I graduated from CSULA before this professor was even born and have seen changes in our society that perhaps he cannot appreciate. (He evidently doesn't.) He needs to grow up and start preparing to engage Shapiro in q and a, which I doubt he is capable of doing.

I would encourage you to go to the reader comment thread for the linked Facebook announcement of the event. Find the comment by Dominique Blair, a young black conservative.

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