Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Emory Professor Says We (Whites) Are All Racists

Hat tip Campus Reform

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George Yancy
(Emory faculty profile photo)

Of all the "white privilege" screeds I have heard in recent years, this is about the silliest. It comes from an Emory University professor named George Yancy, and in this piece, he asks us white folks to admit that we are all racists. Campus Reform has the report.

"The letter, according to Yancy, was inspired by a series of 19 interviews he conducted with various public intellectuals on the topic of race, including well-known philosophers such as Peter Singer, Noam Chomsky, and Cornel West."

(Three dopes.)

I don't wish to rehash the same things I have said in the past about America's racial history except to say that we do acknowledge the evils of slavery and segregation and have taken major steps to correct those injustices and educate our youth about them. This guy Yancy, however, is trying to make a point about virtually all white people. To stereotype an entire people by applying  a fill-in-the-blank-"ist" to them is racist in itself. In addition, it is just plain silly. That it comes from a university educator is doubly troubling-but hardly surprising.

Maybe Professor Yancy should examine his own racial attitudes as he has his gender attitudes.

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

If Noam Chomsky and Peter Singer are typical of "the white race" then that silly fast food millionaire who ran the 9-9-9 race for president in 2012 must by typical of "the black race." Ain't nobody white except lepers and albinos... hasn't this Emory professor read II Kings 5:27?