Friday, October 23, 2015

News Media Twisting the Clinton Hearing

Last night, I watched as both MSNBC and CNN spun the reporting on Hillary Clinton's testimony on Benghazi in a way favorable to Clinton. CNN's Dana Bash cheerfully reported that it was excruciatingly long but there was nothing new to report. The same was the verdict from CNN's graveyard shift (the one featuring the British anchors).  There was no mention (at least that I heard) of those three communications from Mrs Clinton within 24 hours that it was a terrorist attack.

MSNBC predictably was in full attack- the- Republicans mode as they trotted out one talking head after another to defend Clinton. They even brought out Thomas Pickering, the retired diplomat who led the ARB investigation into Benghazi, an "inquiry" that somehow neglected to interview Mrs Clinton, let alone ask for her communications.

Today's Orange County Register is running two articles in their print and online editions about the hearing, none of which mentions the above Clinton communications of September 11-12, 2012 that rebut the video claim. Nor do they mention the fact that the Libyan mission had sent 600 requests to the State Department asking for more security in the months leading up to the deadly attack of September 11.Below is what is running online.

Below is what is running in the print edition. This syndicated report comes from the Tribune News Service (writers Anita Kumar and Hannah Allam):

This is what we are up against. Aside from Fox News and conservative talk radio, the smoking gun that came of of yesterday's hearing is not even being reported. It's like the proverbial tree that falls in the forest. Nobody hears it.

Oh well. Maybe Jimmy Kimmel will mention it in one of his monologues.


elwood p suggins said...

The sycophancy of the MM is both embarrassing and sickening. To think that these people do this for mere money.

Squid said...

The Media has shown its worst side, as they manipulate the reality of what is real. Provda would be proud. The most important problem is that the Media, as well as the establishment Democrat party (or is the radical leftist party?) shovel this unreal news to the great unknowing masses, in order to get them to think that Hillary is a hero, when she is a lier who deceitfully and dishonestly deceived the country and parents of the Benghazi victims. This is behavior she will exhibit when she becomes president of the United States. Oh, you say that she may not be the president. When I saw the performance of most of the Republicans on the committee, I was not surprised that they had no response to the Saul Alinsky style work of Cummings and his Democrat buddies on the panel. The Media will do the same.


Siarlys Jenkins said...

Oh, come on, Gary, there was simply nothing to spin. The serious question is why the media bothered to cover the hearing at all.

Squid... please learn how to spell Pravda before you lecture the media on their professionalism.