Friday, October 30, 2015

Arizona State University Bringing Back "Problem of Whiteness" Class

Hat tip Campus Reform

If there is one thing more "in" than bashing Israel on college campuses, it is bashing white people. Therefore, Professor Lee Bebout of Arizona State University is bringing back his "critically acclaimed" course on the problem of whiteness.

And just think: It's an English course!

By the way, maybe there is no connection here, but last night I watched ASU blow a game to the white-clad Oregon Ducks, who scored a game tying TD on an impossible pass play in the final seconds before going on to beat the Sun Devils in 3 OT.


"The problem of whiteness"

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

This guy needs to be fired -- not for racism, for ignorance. Nobody in Africa called Europeans "white' until some European showed up saying "Me white man, you black." (Or something similar with blanc, blanco... I remember a young lady taking an introductory Spanish class who asked why the Spanish would use a word like negro to mean black? Oh, and Native Americans didn't call Europeans "white" in their own languages either. "The hairy man from the east" was more like it. Hey, maybe the man should teach a class on the "Problem of Hirsuteness." He could have the class do a production of "Hair" as part of the syllabus. Nudity optional. The Lakota word for Europeans was wasicu, and the word for the color "white" was ska. This guy needs to stop contemplating the color of his navel and do some useful work for a change.