Thursday, July 2, 2015

Response to a Crybaby Professor

Jonathan Judaken is a professor at Rhodes College in Memphis. In March, he gave a presentation at the University of Rochester, whose message was Muslims are the new Jews a kind of twisted defense of Muslims from the charge that they tend to be anti-Jewish.

Anyway, Judaken's presentation was critiqued by another professor, AJ Caschetta of the Rochester Institute of Technology, who wrote the below piece that appeared in Jihad Watch among other sites.

That didn't sit well with Judaken, who wrote the below woe is me piece for Inside Higher Education. He accused Caschetta of engaging in McCarthyism for critiquing his presentation.

McCarthyism, be Jeezus!

That was when I weighed in with the below piece on Fousesquawk:

And in response to Judaken, Caschetta has written this in Inside Higher Education and cross-posted on Middle East Forum:

Now it seems to me that professors who deem to speak out on the issues of the day are entitled to have their say. It's called freedom of speech. On the other hand, since they choose to enter the arena, others also have the freedom of speech to disagree. Professor Caschetta is hardly a policeman or even a US senator like Joe McCarthy was. He is in no position to take away Judaken's freedom of speech, his job, or God forbid, his liberty. I think Professor Caschetta refutes the McCarthyism charge much more eloquently than I ever could.

Of course, on a college campus, charges of McCarthyism and victimhood always carry traction. I know because I work on a college campus myself. But in the real world and in the places I frequent after a hard day at work, Mt Judaken would be laughed out of the joint.


Update: (Good stuff)

There is a Marxist/Trotskeyite web site out there called The Louis Proyect, which posted Judaken's McCarthyism piece.  When Caschetta contacted them to ask if they would post his response, he got this (Viewer warning: salty language):

"Okay, I found it. I now see that you are a piece of shit from Campus Watch. I'd 
rather eat a dead dog's penis that forward anything you wrote to the Marxism 
Now stop bothering me."

Having visiting places like Russia, Ukraine and other former communist countries, one-one of my 
chief complaints was the lousy food. Now it's all starting to make sense.


elwood p suggins said...

I believe I caught that the racist little professorette Zandria Robinson (see Gary's post below) has been picked up by the same Rhodes College/University where this fool teaches.

"Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Professor "No Longer Working at the University of Memphis" After Hate-Filled Tweets

"As of today, Asst Professor Zandria Robinson is no longer employed at the University of Memphis according to the university. This is after she came under fire for a series of anti-white tweets she put out in connection with the Confederate flag controversy".

They probably will make a really good pair, along with many other faculty members. I know I sure can't wait to pay for my grandkids $40K-plus tuition (don't know if that is annual, or per semester, or what) to attend this distinguished institution with such a fine faculty..

I will jump on that today. Well, maybe tomorrow.

Gary Fouse said...

Correct, Elwood. It's the new dream team of Rhodes.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

Judaken's defense and outline of his original speech, if true, sounds reasonable, and casts Caschetta in a very bad light as something of a manipulative polemicist. However, McCarthyism, for all the reasons Gary outlines, is a poor analogy. The National Inquirer provides a more apt basis for comparison. And why should Judaken care what these petty narcissists are saying to each other while admiring their own self-image?

As for the Trotstkyite Gary quotes, almost makes one understand Uncle Joe's foul moods, doesn't it? (Not quite -- I have a copy of the recently published memoir of Bukharin's widow.)