Saturday, June 20, 2015

Professor Cries McCarthyism Over Critical Article

Hat tip Campus Watch and Jihad Watch

Hell hath no fury like a professor whose viewpoints are challenged. Such is the case of Jonathan Judaken, a professor from Rhodes College, who gave a presentation March 23, 2015 at the University of Rochester, in which he attempted to take a simple topic of evil and turn it into something confusing.  During the q And a, he received a critical question from one who wrote a report which ended up on Jihad Watch. Judaken took issue and wrote an indignant response in the journal, Inside Higher Education. He also made negative references to Campus Watchers. He concluded by calling it, "the new McCarthyism".

As I indicated in the reader thread to IHE, I qualify as a Campus Watcher since many of my posts here have also appeared on Campus Watch.I have also attended two events on two different campuses and written up my report for CW. However, I hasten to add that I am not employed by CW. As for Judaken, nobody is denying his freedom to speak and nobody is trying to take away his freedom.

Judaken thinks that Campus Watchers don't want students to re-frame And re-evaluate old cliches, whatever that means. However, one of the purposes of q and a is for the students to evaluate what the speaker is saying.

People like Judaken positively dominate the discourse on campus when it comes to Middle East issues.  This is how they react when someone who has a different opinion dares to challenge their point of view.

So who are the real McCarthyites?

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

I don't believe ANYONE in this controversy has a claim to label their opponents as either McCarthyites or "the new McCarthyites." Joseph McCarthy was a United States senator with a national audience including some of the wealthiest corporate executives in the United States. He operated in an atmosphere where various U.S. government agencies did political loyalty checks on millions of U.S. citizens, and applicants for government jobs could be suspected of sympathy for communism because they once worked for American Negro Press (which actually began as a publicity operation to help get Warren Harding elected president).

So, nobody should have delusions of grandeur about themselves as either target of McCarthyism or liberator of the masses from impending McCarthyism. But the the professor has a thin skin and a weak spine if he has to throw up his cloak and cry "McCarthyism" every time someone asks him a hard question. Those who had to face real McCarthyism would laugh at his "persecution."