Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Boondoggle Conference at Vatican

There are certain things I find admirable about Pope Francis. I think it is great that he is concerned about the poor and the plague of human trafficking.

On the other hand, I find his activism in the area of global warming troubling. This week, he is hosting a conference of mayors from around the world to discuss the issue. He is also linking human trafficking to global warming.

I take note that our flaky old governor, "Run Down" Jerry Brown is in Rome taking time off from the problems we have here in California and trying to ram through his high speed railroad. Yesterday, Jerry warned the world that we "may already have gone over the edge on global warming and that humanity must reverse course or face extinction."

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"Ha ha ha"

Many think that Jerry Brown went over the edge decades ago.

I also note that San Francisco mayor Ed Lee is taking time off from the heat  in his city over the sanctuary city mess in the wake of the murder of one of his citizens by an illegal alien career criminal. He is also in Rome along with NY mayor Bill de Blasio -no doubt both learning new ways to make life harder for their citizens when they return. Maybe de Blasio will find a way to blame New York's rising crime wave to global warming.

I don't mean to make light of human trafficking, which is one of the worst scourges in the world today, but I think to link it to global warming is not only a stretch but a cynical attempt to push the global warming agenda.


Squid said...

Global Warming is a scam based upon manipulated science. The climate studies that put forth Global Warming are based upon faulting data collection and manipulation. Recently, NOAA put forth a new study that reserved their own satellite information that had shown no increase in planet temperature, n the past 17 years. Interesting that carbon immersions increased over those years, with no increase in temperature. What NOAA did, was to massage the data with their own manipulation of the data. This is not science, but capitulation to the Boss and we all know who that is. Further, the report comes out before this climate summit.
Now, for the Pope. He is a Socialist and wants "redistribution of wealth". Does that sound familiar. Buying and selling carbon (buying and selling air) is massive redistribution of wealth.


elwood p suggins said...

They don't call ol' Jerry "Moonbeam" for nothing.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

On the other hand, I find his activism in the area of global warming troubling.

Of course you do. You're working the other side of the street.

Squid, keep dreaming. You wouldn't know valid from invalid science if you tripped over either one in broad daylight. You just spew words without any consideration for their veracity.

Dr. Squid said...

@ Siarlys,

As I cannot tell you what I do for the country, I will say that I do a lot of research or the country. The research I do has a foundation in a Ph.D. from a Big Ten University, in research. Also, I have published in peer reviewed professional journals and wrote for a local law enforcement agency. My research allows me to evaluate scientific journal articles and pass judgement on their validity and reliability to determine whether it is good or bad science. Bottom line, those "scientists" promoting Global Warming science base their findings on poor data collection, manipulated data and just plain intellectual dishonesty.
Now I ask the question, what university did you get your Ph.D. and in what professional journals have you published?

Dr. Squid

Siarlys Jenkins said...

Squid, it is telling that you do NOT mention WHAT field you got your Ph.D in. This puts you in the same category as the Creation Science posts that end "and I have a Ph.D," not to mention the militant evolutionist posts that boast of a Divinity degree. I don't have a Ph.D, and I don't need one, because I'm not the one pretending to have done the primary research.

Albert Einstein said that if you can't explain it to a six year old, you don't understand it yourself. Never, never, never have you detailed why and how a single published article on global warming is faulty. You spew vague general ad hominem remarks that its all fake. Merely being literate provides me sufficient basis to consider that unworthy of serious consideration. Those scientists who sustain the hypothesis that human activity is increasing net atmospheric carbon dioxide, and that this is having a measurable impact on global temperature, happen to consist of ninety percent or better of the scientists in the relevant fields, like chemistry, physics, oceanography, meteorology. And your field is?