Monday, May 18, 2015

Saida Grundy Doubles Down on Race

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Boston University has been in the spotlight recently because of some pretty ugly comments incoming Professor Saida Grundy has made about white guys. She recently opined that white men are a problem in society and on college campuses. (I have no idea what her "final solution" is.) In response, the university administration tied themselves in knots over her right to free speech and their actual condemnation of the remarks.

Now Ms Grundy has doubled down reportedly getting involved in a social media exchange with a white woman who said she was a rape victim.

Sadly for Boston University, Ms Grundy has the right to express her racist views on her own dime and on her own time. Of course, had she been one of those problematical white dudes talking about black people in the same manner, she would be gone-one way or the other.

So now that Grundy is joining the BU community, one can only wonder what this all will do-and what she will do- for what they like to refer to as The Campus Climate.

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elwood p suggins said...

It sounds like Grundy is a "new" professor at BU and would thereby apparently not have tenure. My question then might be, "If the president, et al, of BU are so dissatisfied with her comments, why is she being allowed to report for work on July 1"??

Much duplicity and weasel words. I would can her before she taught a day on campus. But, then, I thankfully am not the president of BU, and all of my jobs were real ones.

I guess it not totally unlike being an attorney, a profession from which I am barred, since my parents were married, and to each other at that, both when I was conceived and when I was born.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

Ain't nobody white except lepers and albinos.

That's all the response this professor needs. Her whole raison d'etre evaporates.