Saturday, May 9, 2015

"Acceptable" Racism at Boston University

Hat tip The College Fix

Professor Saida Grundy says white males are a "problem population".

The below report goes beyond the usual nonsense about "white privilege" that we are hearing on college campuses these days. This is pure, unadulterated racism, and it's about time we call it such. Saida Grundy, a newly-haired black professor at Boston University, is making hateful comments about whites, and BU is defending it.

Ms Grundy also exhibits an appalling lack of knowledge about slavery when she lays the institution entirely upon whites.

This is part and parcel of the university culture that not only divides whites from non-whites, but demonizes the former while glamorizing the latter. That is racism. Is it any wonder that race relations are going in reverse in the US?

It is time to stand up against this kind of rhetoric. The fact of the matter is that today white people not the enemy of black people or any other non-white people. The crap that Ms Grundy is spewing out is just that-crap.


elwood p suggins said...

This kind of nonsense is becoming more entrenched off-campus as well as on. It is no wonder that ill-informed/misinformed people are out there rioting. I note that it seems exceedingly rare these days for someone like this to actually be out there amid the tear gas, dogs, riot batons, and arrests.

Squid said...

Let the white male students beware of this racist broom-rider. She represents the worse of so called academic instructors in university positions. I cannot imagine how a white male would survive this class, with less than an "F", because they are white males.
Hopefully this racist class is not on the mandatory list of classes required by the university.
Shame on Boston U. for such, as you say, crap.


Siarlys Jenkins said...

Ain't nobody white except lepers and albinos. The sooner people with a congenital melanin deficiency stop calling themselves "white" the sooner the air will be let out of this kind of balloon.

Nobody in Africa called themselves "black" until Europeans showed up saying "Me white man, you black." The label "black" has been nothing but trouble for people with darker brown skin than other people -- its time to get rid of it.

As to slavery... the short story is, slavery was endemic to African culture, but in a very different form. Then Arab merchants developed a trans-continental trade in slaves, which was yet another pattern, and then European merchants tapped into it to supply cheap labor to establish a plantation economy in the wilderness of North America, which led to the specific pattern of slavery that developed in North America.

The professor can reply in this space if she thinks she can contest any of these points. Caution: I have contributed articles to two different historical and biographical reference works concerning this very topic, including a comprehensive, well received article on racism.