Monday, May 11, 2015

Mark LeVine: Blame Capitalism and Blame the West

"Global capitalism and global war have always driven large-scale human migration."

UC Irvine Professor Mark LeVine has figured out who is to blame for all the horrors we witness going on in Africa and the Middle East: It is us. In this latest piece in Al Jazeera, LeVine looks at the boat people who are trying to get into Southern Europe and fixes blame on capitalism and the West. (What else is new, Mark?)

 "The full costs of decades of globalised neoliberal capitalism has yet to be tallied."

"But today we're in the midst of a 15-year-long period of global war and unprecedented wealth and power historically unrivalled oil prices and arms sales bring - both of which benefit US corporations far more than those of any other country aside from the main Arab/Gulf oil producers." 

Well, you get the picture. Not a word about Islamist fanaticism. No, it's all the fault of the West. I guess this is what they refer to in academia as post-colonialist theory. The West is bad. Capitalism is bad. If African nations are largely failed states living under dictators, it is the fault of the US and the West, no matter how many billions of dollars we pour into those countries in aid, food and medicine. If the Middle East (Israel excepted) are places devoid of religious freedom and human rights blame the West (and Israel). Christians being wiped out in Syria and Iraq? Our fault. Personal responsibility? That's a white, imperialistic, colonial, neo-conservative or neo liberal construction. 

Did I get that right, Mark?

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

He's right this time. Without global markets none of this would be happening.

Hopefully we could have better global markets, but that would require international working class solidarity and Midgie would have a heart attack.