Monday, April 6, 2015

University of New Mexico MSA Event Controversy

Hat tip Atlas Shrugs

On April 1, the University of New Mexico Muslim Student Association hosted a panel discussion on ISIS as part of Islam Awareness Week. During the q and a, the paneliss were hit with some hardball questions as to Islamic belief and passages from the Koran and Hadith. The party line of the panelists was that Islam was a religion of peace, etc. It seems a pretty good back and forth was initiated during the q and a especially with an imam named .Shafi Abdul-Aziz.

One of the attendees took some video, which went viral, and another person who was present sent a report of the event to Atlas Shrugs. It was their perception that the event was a whitewash on the point of Islamic jihad and violence.

Here is a posting from the UNM MSA regarding the event. It contains three video segments of the event. Note that the person who sent in the report to Atlas Shrugs claims that there should be  4-5 segments, and that the MSA has presumably taken out some portions, which specifically deal with the question of jihad in the 4 Sunni schools of Islamic jurisprudence as well as the hadith about the Day of Judgment when the Jew will hide behind the tree and the tree will call out to the Muslim, "O Muslim, there is a Jew hiding behind me. Come and kill him".

Here is a letter MSA President Rameez Burney sent to the Daily Lobo (UNM campus paper).

As you can imagine, there is quite a controversy going on at UNM, which recently saw students pass some silly resolution trying to criminalize Islamophobia.

So now it appears that the MSA at UNM is in damage control.

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