Monday, April 20, 2015

The Brown Shirt Drive Against a Professor at Connecticut College

Professor Andrew Pessin
Connecticut College

In January, we picked up on a story out of Connecticut College about a philosophy professor named Andrew Pessin, who referred to Hamas as a "rabid pit bull" on his Facebook page. That led to a firestorm on campus led by a young female student who says she feels "unsafe" as a result.

This story is still on-going. Pessin has taken a leave of absence under the barrage of attacks. A letter-writing campaign of support for him has begun. (I have also signed the letter, which can be accessed here.) In addition,  Here is an update from Jew Hatred on Campus.

Here is the letter that Pessin's accuser, Lamiya Khandaker, wrote in the campus paper.

It is relevant to note here that Ms. Khandaker is a first generation Bangladeshi-American. Therefore, based solely on Pessin's comments about the political leadership of Gaza (Hamas) and the Arab enmity toward Israel (a fact), what is her stake in what he wrote in his Facebook page? What about that statement makes her feel "unsafe" on campus?

This just goes to show that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is not about land; it is about religion. Muslims from all over the world support the Palestinians for that simple reason.

Pessin owes nobody an apology.

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

Pessin has taken a leave of absence under the barrage of attacks.

That was a mistake. Business as usual is the proper response to these snowflakes.

He might, however, have made a more substantive criticism, if he was going to display it in the public section of his Facebook account.