Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Let's Bring "American Sniper" to Every College Campus

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This article first appeared in Eagle Rising.

In case you don't keep up on what's happening on college campuses these days, one of the latest controversies has to do with the showing of the movie, "American Sniper" on campus. Recently, a number of campuses have experienced conflicts when attempts were made to show the film showing the story of Chris Kyle, whom most of us in this country regard as an American hero. These campuses include the University of Missouri,  University of Michigan, and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York  In the case of the University of Michigan  film was initially cancelled then rescheduled after public outrage ensued. Most recently at Eastern Michigan University, some students stormed the stage during the first of two showings and were arrested. The first showing resumed, but the second showing was cancelled.

Clearly the battle lines are being drawn when a small group of students on each campus can shut down the showing of a film that honors our military. Therefore, I feel it is time that those of us on each campus who care about our country and respect our military should step up and try to bring "American Sniper" our schools.

To that end, I sent an e-mail this afternoon to the UC Irvine (where I teach part-time) Office of Veterans Affairs suggesting that they sponsor a showing of this film on campus. I will report back when I receive a response.

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