Thursday, April 16, 2015

Muslim Students Try to Shut Down "American Sniper" at Eastern Michigan University

Hat tip Campus Reform

It has happened again-this time at Eastern Michigan University. Four Muslim students were arrested while climbing onto the stage to force the shutting down of the first of two showings of "American Sniper". The second showing was cancelled.

Here is the willy-nilly report from the EMU Echo:

First of all, I hope these students will be expelled and prosecuted. I am not holding my breath. Secondly, as I stated, every university should schedule a showing of this film for the simple reason that a statement needs to be made that a certain segment of our population is not going to stop us from honoring and celebrating our military.


Squid said...

And, if these Muslim students are from a foreign country, they should have their student visas taken and sent back from where they came, for the un-Constitutional act of denying !st Amendment rights to those individuals who wanted to see the movie. But I digress, if they are arrested and meet a liberal Judge, they will get off free of charge. Do not count on the Far Left University to expel.
This is what our country has come to these days.


Siarlys Jenkins said...

I don't know that "American Sniper" honors our military -- there is considerable debate as to whether it is an anti-war film or not, and good reason to go either way. Maybe it just tells a bad experience the way it was.

But in any case, the Cubs are still jumping between first and second place. Like I said, the subtext of The Curse was, "The Cubs will win a world series when a black man is twice elected President of the United States."

Gary Fouse said...

Not even then apparently.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

They're still in second place Gary, and not far out of first.

Gary Fouse said...

I know exactly where they are. Keep on eye on Kris Bryant, who they just called up. He is going to be a star. And there are more on the way in the minors. Next year you will see something.