Tuesday, April 14, 2015

"Just Folks" Hillary Stops For a Burrito at Chipotle

So Hillary Clinton is riding in a van out to Iowa and stopping for a burrito at Chipotle. The common touch.

A van?

Image result for 1960s vw van
Not quite.

Image result for hillary clinton's van to iowa


And don't think Hillary is driving it herself. That's being done by a Secret Service agent.

And there are more agents in another van.

I wonder how many vehicles there were in this caravan.

So Hillary-and Mrs. Anthony Wiener (Huma Abedin)- bop into the Chipotle and order a burrito. Apparently, Hillary didn't walk around and shake hands with the other burrito-eaters. (Maybe that's a positive.) She just got her burrito and left.

Image result for hillary clinton at chipotle

Just like you and me! She's got my vote.

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