Wednesday, April 8, 2015

First Duke, Then Virginia Now UC Santa Barbara?

Hat tip Legal Insurrection

In the wake of sexual assault allegations on university campuses that have proved to be false (Duke-UVA), the next embarrassing case may be UC Santa Barbara (aka UC Skate Board), where a male student (already on a leave of absence) is under investigation for a complaint that occurred away from school after the school term was over and involving a female student who had already transferred to another school. If you find that confusing, wait until you read the details of the alleged incident. Legal Insurrection has the "details".

37."While John Doe was out of the house, L.B. approached Jane Doe in the master bedroom and asked whether she would be interested in having group sex with her and B.R. Subsequently, Jane Doe, L.B. and D.J. advised B.R. that they would be interested in the group sex only if John Doe was also involved.
38. When John Doe returned to the house, Witness B.R. advised him of B.R.’s earlier conversation with Jane Doe, D.J. and L.B. and inquired whether John Doe would be interested in taking part in the group sex."

This sort of reminds me of when I was in the 9th grade and our junior high school banned smoking even after school on our way home. The vice principal used to drive around the neighborhood in his VW trying to catch us smoking until we actually reached our homes. Hopefully, my college alma mater, Cal. State LA, will not charge me for any of my transgressions since I graduated in 1970. But I digress.

I don't mean to make light of allegations of sexual assault because it's a heinous offense. Even if a woman is consenting, no man should take advantage of a woman if she is impaired. However, UCSB needs to exercise caution even if the charges are warranted. They may not have any jurisdiction to do anything here beyond not allow John Doe to re-register. If a crime has been committed, the Lake Tahoe police should be involved.

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