Thursday, March 12, 2015

My Letter to UC Irvine Veterans Affairs Office

This evening I sent the below e-mail to the UC Irvine Veteran Affairs Office in regards to the flag controversy.

 Dear Ms. Duron, As a part-time teacher in the UCI Extension and a veteran, I would like to know if your office has issued any statement regarding the UCI flag issue. As a veteran, I am greatly offended at this attempt to take down the American flag.

 While I do not condone in any way any threats that may have been made against the concerned students, I also found some of the language about the flag contained in a letter of support for the concerned students to be highly offensive.

While there may be a diversity of opinion among veterans on our campus, I feel the Veterans Affairs Office should make some statement in support of the flag we defended.


 Gary Fouse Adjunct teacher UCI-Ext
 US Army 1966-1968

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