Friday, March 6, 2015

Hillary Clinton Plays by Different Rules

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The latest scandal involving Hillary Clinton illustrates how this woman lives by different rules. For four years, Clinton served as secretory of state without any government email account. She used a private email set up on her own specially-constructed server from her home. This is in violation of the Federal Records Act. According to the law, government employees who use email for official government correspondence are to use government email accounts because they are the property of the government, the public, and are to be stored by the government.

So what's the big deal?

First, for a secretary of state to be using a private email account to do government business, much of which was classified information, is a security risk.

But what was her reasoning? It is clear. She wanted to keep her dealings protected from public scrutiny, Congressional investigations, Freedom of Information requests, and what have you.

Does anyone for a minute think that during the attack on the Benghazi mission, there were no emails going back and forth to and from Mrs. Clinton?

We also now know that there are shady conflict of interest dealings that went on involving foreign countries (like Algeria)  giving big money to the Clinton Global Initiative. We also now know that Tony Rodham, Hillary's, brother, received a lucrative mining deal from Haiti under Hillary's tenure as SecState.  The Clinton Global Initiative was right in the middle of administering Haitian earthquake relief. Pure coincidence, I am sure.

And here is smug Hillary tweeting this week that she has requested DOS to release her emails. Except, she has the emails. State has already told Congress in the Benghazi investigation that they can't find any Clinton e-mails. They also say this week that they are not going to go searching for them.

Oh yes they will once a judge orders them to.

They may have some emails that Clinton turned over to them, but what about the ones she didn't?

And the White House now says they had no idea that Hillary was using a private email. Really? Do they mean to tell us that in those four years there were no email communications between Mrs Clinton and the White House? I guess they never knew their EPA head, Lisa Jackson, also used a personal email account while she was in that position.

Hillary Clinton was a lawless public official who was an integral part of what continues to be a lawless administration.

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elwood p suggins said...

The arrogance of both Clintons apparently knows no bounds. She has been doing this kind of stuff at least since Whitewater (and no doubt before), followed by the time the law firm billing records fairy laid those undoubtedly altered/sanitized papers on her night stand sometime in the middle of the night when she was FLOTUS (examples only), back when she should have been inside looking out.

According to ABC, hardly part of the vast right-wing conspiracy, the 55,000 pages of e-mails currently in question were not turned over until late 2014, almost two (2) years after she left office. That is a lot of time to do a lot of editing, rewriting, etc. The techies are not doubt working overtime to permanently delete the deletions. As far as the paper trail is concerned, betcha that a couple of shredders are burnt out by now.

ABC further reported that an unnamed senior State Dept. official acknowledged that some of these e-mails "likely" contained "sensitive but unclassified" material, almost certainly in violation of the Foreign Affairs Manual, and possibly/probably the law as well. "Sensitive" IS a classification, albeit perhaps the lowest one (can't remember for sure, not worth researching).

Can't wait for the next shoe to drop.