Sunday, March 1, 2015

Dianne Feinstein Joins Netanyahu's Opponents

Hat tip Breitbart

Chalk up another Democrat who opposes Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's March 3 appearance before the Congress. She think's Bibi's statement about speaking for Jews is "arrogant."

Ms. Feinstein. Netanyahu is trying to defend his nation from obliteration at the hands of a nuclear Iran. That is why he is coming. Yes, the Jewish community is quite diverse including its opinions about Israel. Surely, Netanyahu will not be speaking for people like Judith Butler, Norman Finkelstein, Matan Cohen, Richard Falk, Mark LeVine, Jewish Voice for Peace, Neturei Karta, J Street, or many other Jews who oppose Israel with a passion for whatever their reasons. No matter. The fact remains that Jews are under threat, not only in Israel, but in Europe, and increasingly in the US. Israel's enemies are our enemies.

Yet, we have a president and a secretary of state who seem not to care. They are too busy appeasing our enemies and Israel's enemies.

I say let the entire Democratic party boycott Netanyahu's speech. let the Black Congressional Caucus walk out in protest. For American Jews who support Israel, but have supported the Democratic party as well, let it be a teaching point as to who supports Israel's right to exist and who could care less.


Siarlys Jenkins said...

A foreign head of state has no business speaking before congress to lobby for his nation uber alles.

He can stand in line, like all the other heads of state, and receive consideration as it seems prudent to U.S. interests.

That actually should give him quite a lot of what he seeks, but it will not give him a blank check that he can do whatever he thinks best, and the U.S. will back him up whether it makes sense or not.

Squid said...

Shame on this over-the- hill Senator. Obviously, Feinstein did not read the memo that Obama stopped an attack on Iran by Israel, by threatening to shoot down Israeli war planes if they attacked. Also, what about those secret Iran/Obama communications. Did Feinstein not her about those talks. Iran has promised an attack on Israel in order to wipe out the Jews. This is part of the wise of the mythical Mahdee, in order to bring on the end of times and the final judgement.
Who is arrogant now, or is it ignorant.



elwood p suggins said...

All this hubbub about Netanyahu is nothing more nor less than pure lib/Dem partisan politics, which demonstrates the anti-Israel posture of this Administration and many individuals as well.

Nothing new or unusual about this appearance. In fairly recent history (since 1985), some 10 "heads of state" (presidents, prime ministers, chancellors, queens, etc., to include Netanyahu and Mandela twice each), have addressed joint sessions of Congress. This translates to an average of once every three (3) years.

I suppose we are to believe that on each and every occasion, the Congress got the prior express approval of whoever was in the WH before extending those invitations. If it works that way, then a U.S. President should be required to obtain the approval of Congress before inviting heads of state to the WH, no?? Sauce for the goose and all that.

In fact, Netanyahu last addressed Congress as recently as 2011. Obama was, I believe, President in 2011. Where was the outrage then?? What has changed??

Siarlys Jenkins said...

Ah, now elwood describes affirmation of U.S. sovereignty as "pure lib/Dem partisan politics." I wouldn't given the liberals, or the Democrats, a monopoly on patriotism, but if you want to confer one on them, I'm sure they would be happy to accept it.