Saturday, February 14, 2015

Breaking: Charlie Hebdo Attacks Come to Denmark

Politiet efterlyser denne mand efter attentatet på Krudttønden. Foto: Københavns Politi

Update: Jyllands Posten (Denmark) reports that the suspect car has been found abandoned.

Update: Svenska Dagbladet (Sweden) reports one dead and three police guards wounded. They have a photo of one of the gunmen.

Update: (Hat tip Gates of Vienna) Here is much more in details with photos from the Daily Mail (UK):

This morning gunmen attacked a Copenhagen cafe where Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks was giving a talk on free speech. One person is dead and three wounded.

Who is next? When and where will the next attack take place?

Stay tuned.

"Dear enemies of  freedom of expression- No luck.
Drawing will not be stopped."

Danish translation to come.

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