Friday, February 20, 2015

Another Boffo Obama Statement

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Is our president on hard drugs?

I am really starting to wonder after his latest claim that Muslims are interwoven into the founding of America.

We are seeing the initial stages of revisionist history here as our president's behavior becomes more and more bizarre. So what if Thomas Jefferson bought a Koran when he was in London? Jefferson was an educated man with a curiosity for other cultures. I happen to own four Korans. So what?

Secondly, the most significant "contribution" I can think of regarding Muslims in our early history is that it was Muslim slave traders in Africa who captured and sold other Africans to the European slavers. Of course, we know to our own shame that many of those slaves wound up in our country, but it was African and Arab Muslims who carried out the initial capture of the people who became slaves and transported them to the West Coast for sale to the Europeans.

The other "significant" event was when we had to go to war with the Barbary pirates of North Africa, who were hijacking our ships and taking American citizens as hostages for ransom.

The truth is (at least as far as I know) is that there was no significant Muslim presence in this country until sometime in the latter 20th century when large scale immigration began. That is not a negative thing per se, but it is factually and historically false for this president to try and tell us that Muslims are significantly connected to the founding of this country. They simply are not.

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Squid said...

I wonder if visitors to the White House can smell the BS from the residence of the that place!