Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Who the Hell is Jeffrey Epstein?

Apparently, he is a billionaire with his own private plane, a hottie house in the Caribbean, and some big shot pals-including a guy married to this woman.

Last week, the National Enquirer came out with a story throwing Bill Clinton's name in the pot as people who have enjoyed the use of Epstein's plane and attended parties at his Caribbean pad. Others who have had their names bandied about are Britain's Prince Andrew and attorney Alan Dershowitz, the latter of whom has stepped forth and vehemently denied the rumors. Buckingham Place has issued a denial on behalf of Andrew.

Of course, nobody wants to run with a story that is broken by the tabloid National Enquirer. They couldn't possibly get it right, could they?

At any rate, Fox's Howard Kurtz has written a cautious piece on the story, carefully refraining (as I) from accusing the former president of any improper behavior.

I realize that since Bill left the White House, there have been whispers about some of the private jets he has flown around the world on, but they are just that-whispers, nothing ever confirmed.

There's probably nothing to this.

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