Monday, January 5, 2015

While Angela Merkel Condems PEGIDA.........

Hat tip Jihad Watch

Today I cross-posted a live stream of a demonstration by PEGIDA, a German organization fighting against the Islamization of their country and the West. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has condemned the group, which she considers to be a hate group. (I disagree.) Meanwhile, as another day passes, another Jew is accosted on the streets of Berlin, spat upon, and beaten by immigrant youths who were singing anti-Semitic songs on the subway.

Angela Merkel seemingly is unaware of what is going on in her own country. Someone should tell her this is why PEGIDA is marching-much to her displeasure.


Anonymous said...

Good for Chancellor Merkel.

PEGIDA should be condemned.

The founder of the group is a "former" drug/cocaine dealer named Lutz Bachmann. Mr. Bachmann has also been arrested for burglary atleast 16 times, and was convicted and sentenced to 44 months imprisonment. He fled Germany, and went to live in South Africa under a false name and fake passport.

Mr. Bachmann is currently facing legal problems due to his not paying child support to his first wife.

Not a guy I would want to follow.

And this is the same group that lashes out on immigrants/asylum seekers to Germany that commit crimes.

Findalis said...

She is only following the policies that her father and grandfather followed all so well.

Gary Fouse said...

duly noted.