Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Angela Merkel Does Not Get it

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has issued an address to her citizens urging them not to get involved in the weekly demonstrations against the growing Islamization of their country. According to her, it is a manifestation of religious and racial hatred.

She is in error. What Germans and other Europeans are protesting is behavior on the part of too many Muslim immigrants who refuse to assimilate, respect the laws and values of the host country, and who themselves engage in crime and intolerance. As long as the demonstrations are peaceful and don't target innocent immigrants, Merkel's words are unfair. Immigration is fine, but not when people see their very nation being taken away from them and not when certain immigrants begin terrorizing the native population.

Maybe Merkel should go back to some old newsreels when Frenchmen like Pierre Laval were urging their countrymen not to protest those Germans who were taking over the streets of French cities.


Siarlys Jenkins said...

Merkel is correct.

There are legitimate questions about assimilation and respect for one's hosts, but the demonstrations are all about racial, religious and ethnic prejudice.

Gary Fouse said...

That is precisely the point I disagree with. If that's true, all immigrants in Europe would be targets of intolerance. They are not. Nobody is marching against Chinese immigrants, for example.