Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Speech of Michael Mannheimer

Hat tip Gates of Vienna

The above video is of a speech given on January 5 in Wuerzburg by WUGIDA (Wuerzberg branch of PEGIDA) leader Michael Mannheimer. Of course, it is in German, but is sub-titled in English. In the speech, Mannheimer laments the wave of Islamic immigration that is taking over Germany and points the finger of blames at the politicians and media who are lying to the German people.

As you watch the speech, note the speaking style of Mannheimer (who is an accomplished speaker). Note the waving of the German flags, something hardly seen in Germany since 1945. Note the responses of the crowd. It would be all too easy to see in this video the danger of a return to the Nazi era.

Except that would be a mistake.

Mannheimer is not calling for violence although there is no mistaking that Muslim foreigners and Turks are being singled out. He is calling for his listeners to go to the polls and vote the politicians out of office. What they are reacting to is not the color of the the immigrants' skin. They are reacting to the lack of assimilation, violence, crime, rapes, riots, and terrorism that this form of immigration has brought. They see a growing Islamization of their country, and they are afraid.

After Paris, this can only grow and spread across Europe. It is time for the politicians to listen to their people. If they don't, the people will become radicalized and violence will result. Nobody wants to see that. Europe is becoming a powder keg, and it is up to its political leaders to head that off. They can't do it by stamping down the people or stripping them of their right to speak out.


Anonymous said...

I'll just leave this right here:

Is this really who you want to hitch your wagon to, Mr. Fouse? A bunch of closet Nazis?

Gary Fouse said...


Lutz Bachmann-as I have noted- has a criminal past. There are many including Angela Merkel who call PEGIDA racist. I don't necessarily agree. As for this caricature, it seems to be a case of poor humor. If PEGIDA turns out to be racist or neo Nazi I will withdraw any support. As it is I will support any Europeans who want to defend their society from this Islamization, hate, crime and terror that threatens them as long as they do so lawfully and non-violently

All that said, the post was about Michael Mannheimer, head of the Wuerzburg branch of PEGIDA. What would you like to tell me about him?

Gary Fouse said...

Anonymous #2.

I was not aware of your allegations against a certain counter jihadist figure, so I did a little checking. Aside from your referenced link and other questionable sites like Loon Watch and Richard Silverstein I found a description of this matter on the Southern Poverty Law Center site. The SPLC has done good work but I consider them highly biased to the left to the point they have unfairly characterized many people including the one in question. However, on their site they said that the person in question came out of the investigation "unscathed". I will leave it at that.

In addition, I have no association with that person other than supporting the work he/she does.

Thus, I am not posting your comment and link with its allegations. You may take them elsewhere.