Sunday, January 11, 2015

Some in Paris Today Had Blood on Their Hands

Hat tip Algemeiner

The Palestinian Authority's Mahmoud Abbas, the prime minister  of Turkey, and the Qataris were represented in Paris today when some million people marched against terror. What the hell were they doing there? They should have been embarrassed. US Attorney General Eric Holder was in Paris, but if he was in the march, he was not seen. President Obama? He was probably playing golf. He chose not to attend.

President Obama should have been in Paris today. Mahmoud Abbas should have stayed in Ramallah. The prime minister of Turkey should have stayed in Turkey. Anybody associated with Qatar and Al Jazeera should have stayed home. Who needs their crocodile tears?

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elwood p suggins said...

Speaking of demonstrations, was this not a model of how one is to be conducted, in contrast to how many, at least in some circles, turn out, both here and worldwide??

And as far as our presence (near-absence??), so the WH has admitted to a mistake. DUHHHHH!!! Of COURSE it was a mistake. Ronnie Milsap, Ray Charles, and Stevie Wonder could all see that.

While Holder may not have been the ideal representative, if Obama was not going to attend and/or send Kerry, Holder was already there, and presumably had security in place. So much for short notice, etc. One commentator observed that all he had to do was "cross the street" to participate. That presence would have signified far more than the ambassador.

If anyone believes that there were not back and forth communications, some certainly involving Obama Himself, which resulted in Holder's non-appearance, think again. Also, get your money out to buy a one-owner used car, some beachfront property in AZ, and 50 feet of a certain bridge in NYC that I happen to own.

Just another example, as if we needed any more, of the pro-Muslim (to include radical extremists??)/anti-Israel bent of Obama and essentially his entire administration as well. Quite telling, no??