Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Obama Aide Falls on His Sword Over Paris Flap

"Nothing is my fault."

President Obama has a well earned reputation as a man who can't accept blame for any of his mistakes. The reputation has now sunk to a new low (or a new high if you prefer) when one of his White House aides accepted the blame for the President not going to Paris for last week's march against terror.

This is really absurd. So the reason Obama didn't go to Paris is because Mr McDonough didn't ask him if he wanted to go or didn't keep him apprised of the size and importance of the event?


This is like Hamilton Jordan taking the blame for not asking Jimmy Carter if he wanted to evacuate that embassy in Teheran.

Was Mr McDonough afraid to interrupt the Sunday NFL playoff games? Was Joe Biden too busy hanging out at some 7-11? Was John Kerry's presence in India for some climate change confab too important? Maybe has-been rocker James Taylor had a concert appearance at some Holiday Inn lounge scheduled.

Maybe McDonough should have told Obama that Robert Mugabe was going to be there. Can you imagine how good the two of them would have looked together?

I suppose tonight the President will announce in this State of the Union (bad) that he has regretfully accepted the resignation of Mr. McDonough.

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

Its a good thing he didn't go. Think of all the taxpayer's money that would have been spent just for a foreign photo op. Read all about why its good he didn't go at The American Conservative.