Tuesday, December 16, 2014

UPenn President Has an Odd Choice for Poses

Hat tip Frontpage Magazine

-Frontpage Magazine

Amy Gutmann is the president of the University of Pennsylvania and as such, she has a tendency to use poor judgement when it comes to having her photo taken. Frontpage Magazine has an article on this most unphotogenic lady.

As to the suicide bomber, had it been my party, this young man would have been invited to leave. That costume should be no more welcome than an SS uniform. As to the second, as an ex-law enforcement officer, it is definitely offensive. Would Gutmann be laying on the ground to protest the killing of a cop? I suspect not. As for Maureen Rush, who is head of the campus police and a former Philadelphia cop, she should know better. I doubt that the rank and file of the campus PD share her opinion.

-Frontpage Magazine

This reminds me of seeing NYPD Chief William Bratton standing by Mayor Bill de Blasio as he was trashing the NYPD a week or so ago.

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