Tuesday, November 25, 2014

CAIR's Shameful Reaction to Ferguson Grand Jury Decision

Leave it to the Council on American Islamic Relations to join in the trashing of the Ferguson grand jury.

"National Action on racism"?

I know that CAIR leaders like Nihad Awaf have very little grasp of American justice, but this is beyond shameful. That grand jury looked at all the evidence and testimony. The DA has released all the information as to what the jurors saw and heard. It has been established that Michael Brown assaulted the officer and was trying to take the officer's gun away from him.

CAIR calls for a federal investigation? They actually just had one since the FBI was working hand in hand with the local authorities. What else you you need to learn?

This is part of CAIR's cynical agenda to join forces with disaffected minorities and create a coalition, if you will, against the system. CAIR is a despicable organization.

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Squid said...

I agree with the UAE!