Sunday, April 6, 2014

In Dearborn, Easter Egg Hunts are Haram (Forbidden)

Hat tip Creeping Sharia

Actually, the argument for some in Dearborn's predominant Muslim community is that schools advertising having an Easter egg hunt at a Christian church even with no religious overtures is a separation of church and state. They are also worried that Christians may attempt to convert their kids.

It seems to me that parents don't have to let their kids attend the Easter egg hunt, n'est pas?

Another point to be made here is that many mosques are not shy about opening their doors to non-Muslims and children so they can see the wonders of Islam. Is there not an attempt to proselytize there as well? One example is the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center, which hosts schools bringing their kids for a visit.

Finally, the issue of separation of religion and state is interesting here because Islam as a political ideology does not accept the idea of a separation between religion and state.

So my advice to Mr Moughni and other Muslim parents in Dearborn here is to not let your kids attend the event. Personally, this stinks of lawfare to me.

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Findalis said...

The egg hunt is not sponsored by the school. Thus not violating the separation clause.