Monday, October 14, 2013

Wells Fargo No Longer a Sponsor of CAIR Annual Convention

Hat tip Creeping Sharia

It appears that Wells Fargo Bank is no longer a co-sponsor of CAIR's annual convention next month in Anaheim. If so, this is a likely result of a letter-writing campaign organized by the Florida Family Association. Creeping Sharia has the details.

This is welcome news. Wells Fargo had no business promoting any event associated with CAIR, especially considering two of their invited speakers. Whatever you may think of Glenn Greenwald's involvement with the Edward Snowden NSA revelations, his laudatory comments about deceased terrorist Anwar Awlaki, while constitutionally protected, are highly objectionable. Another speaker, Siraj Wahhaj, was a defense character witness for the Blind Shiekh and once referred to America as a "garbage can."

See? You can make a difference.

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