Saturday, September 28, 2013

Hi Lance!

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Hi Lance! Can't stay away, can you?

Does the Contra County Office of Education know that you are using their computers to read Fousesquawk on school time?

Lance, who is a teacher, used to be a regular commenter here on Fousesquawk. Then I banned him after he called me a lot of bad names. Then he tried to get in his comments under various aliases, but I caught him there too. He still reads me a lot though.

Don't bother to comment, Lance. You're still banned. You can vent about me over at Alexandria blog. I won't bother to read it though.


Lance wrote in to say that wasn't him and he works for the Mt Diablo School District. I'll take his word for it. So I guess he really isn't reading my blog any more after all.

But then-how did he know about the post?


Squid said...


You silly man! What part of "Ex-DEA" agent did you miss?



Gary Fouse said...


Too bad I don't get paid for this. It's the easiest work I've ever had.

BTW: Last month I attended by 50th unihi reunion. I'll tell you about it when we meet.

Miggie said...

Was Lance the guy who was the global warming nut?

If so, he must be pretty depressed now that NY is not already under 6 feet of water, the Antarctica ice flow is increasing, and the world hasn't quite come to an end yet.

Gary Fouse said...


Yeah that was him. He takes it real personal when you disagree with him.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

Nobody bothers to read Alexandria any more. It was pulled together from an eclectic range of people who use to comment on Rod Dreher's (crunchy con) Beliefnet blog. Now that Dreher is back on line at The American Conservative magazine, and Alexandria has become a kind of personal fief and menagerie of the narcissistic H.M. Stuart, the quality of discourse has declined, sort of like the upscale hotel George Pullman named for his daughter degenerating into a whore house by the 1950s.

I've always been puzzled about your banning Lance. We made an interesting rhetorical triangle, since sometimes you and I agreed, sometimes you and Lance agreed, and sometimes, of course, Lance and I managed to agree on disagreeing with you. I've always considered it to your credit that you continued to put up with me, but if there was something gratuitously nasty about Lance, I wasn't able to discern what it might be.

Naturally he drops by now and then. Twice a year I pop in at Alexandria, just to see if anything of real integrity is being posted there.

Of course Lance isn't a Cubs fan, and didn't suggest starring Mel Gibson in a movie about the Mavi Marmara. As for global warming, even the truth has some nuts among its advocates, but it would be cold comfort to tell Miggie "I told you so" when temperatures rise to the point that 70 percent of the human race is dead. Geologic time is not human life time in scale, so Miggie may be dead sooner. Anyway, I'd rather head off the problem, and let Miggie cackle about how the earth seems just fine (after we cut carbon emissions by 90 percent).

Gary Fouse said...


Lance was dropped because he turned disagreements on issues into personal attacks. As for Alexandria, I decided to quit that bunch when HM Stewart didn't even lift a finger to defend one of the contributors (me) from a personal attack by another contributor (Lance)when he wrote, "Lies and Ignorance at Fousesquawk". Indeed, I found a few of the contributors to get real nasty when they disagreed with your point of view, including one who was openly anti-Semitic. Who needs that?

Siarlys Jenkins said...

Indeed. H.M. Stuart pushed me out after announcing at 10:00 pm that I had lied about him, and at 6:00 am that I had failed to provide evidence to sustain my comment. At the time, I had a temp seasonal job doing package delivery, which requires me to be well rested and alert, so I was sound asleep when he posted the challenge and getting ready to go to work when he announced that I had failed to respond. My computer, needless to say, was off. Apparently some people live in cyberspace 24 hours a day, but I can't afford to.

Yeah, I remember the "Lies and Ignorance" post. I just went back to look at it. Googling "Lies and Ignorance" within the site produced a LONG list, so apparently its a common theme. I guess I didn't offer any comments on that one -- it was getting into a tangled mess with those that did comment.

But if I had never been at Alexandria, I would never have known to check out Gary's own web site, after reading his posts there. Saying that Al Gore is Lance's god, and global warming is his religion, was a bit over the top. One can disagree with you sincerely, without that disagreement being a religion. But as the professor said in The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe, a charge of lying is a very serious thing indeed.

Gary Fouse said...


You and I are not the only ones who left that site in a huff.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

Well, if we were the ONLY ones who left, we'd be pathetic narcissists to dismiss it. The fact that ALL the original cast of characters has moved on, and what's left is hardly worth reading, that has a bit of substance to it.

Hey, did you try to look up Ingrid on your last trip to Germany?

Gary Fouse said...

No, I didn't.