Sunday, January 20, 2013

Salafi Talk Indeed: A Protest in New York May 2009

Hat tip Infidel Blogger Alliance

The Salafist variant of Islam is a very strict form of Sunni Islam. Among the radical elements in Europe, it is Salafists who are being identified as a big part of the problem, particularly in Germany. I just came across this disturbing photo and decided to post it.  At the bottom of the center poster, one notes the sub-title, The black flag appears to be that of al Qaeda. The man holding the flag is wearing a Palestinian head scarf.

This photo is posted on  Infidel Blogger Alliance with no further information as to its origin. In the readers' comment thread however, the question is posed, and one reader answers that it was from "Israel Awakening Day" in New York City, May 2009.

Sure enough, following the trail, I came to this from an Islamic blog, which includes not only photos, but videos as well. Watch the video of  Jewish rabbis in orthodox garb, don't be fooled. That is Neturei Karta, a radical fringe group that opposes Israel and supports Iran. The fool speaking is Rabbi Ysroel Dovid Weiss, a friend of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. He has spoken at UC Irvine, where he refused to answer my challenges to him about the Iranian treatment of Baha'i and gays.. So here he is joining hands with people with posters calling for the re-opening of Auschwitz.

We also find that other vile NY-based group, Islamic

Is this hate? Is this "phobia"?


Findalis said...

According to the Left this is just a normal suggestion for Obama and possibly a point in his second term.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

Findalis, you wouldn't know a "left" if you tripped over it in broad daylight. Neither would the quasi-liberal culture vulture totalitarian freethinkers who fancy themselves "left" when they haven't been remotely proletarian since they were 16, when they might have worked at McDonald's during summer vacation.

Getting back to the substance of what Gary posted, Salafists are our enemies. Although they speak as if they are Islam, we should be careful not to credit that claim. Salafists, however, are our enemies, as are dominion theologies of any and every religion in the world.