Thursday, November 8, 2012

Hillary's Promise is Fulfilled: Video Maker Gets a Year in Prison

Never let it be said that our future president Hillary Clinton (Yes, future president. It's inevitable.) doesn't keep her word. When she met the father of Tyrone Woods at Andrews Air Force Base when Tyrone's casket came home along with three other victims of the Benghazi attack, she promised Mr Woods that "they were going to put the maker of that video in jail". She has kept her promise thanks to her allies in the Justice Department.

Legally, the Justice Department and the judge who called Nakoula a "danger to society" are covered. He violated his probation and they have every legal right to put him in jail. However, when you think about the spirit of the law, it smells-as does virtually everything about this administration.


Anonymous said...

So what should have been the consequences of him violating his parole? Something different? Nothing at all?

You're aligning yourself with a grade-A sleazeball on this one.

Gary Fouse said...

I have made it clear that this guy is no model citizen and his film was offensive. However, his video has been used as a pretext for Islamists to commemorate 9-11 with more attacks. Our government and media has contineued to run with this narrative to placate the crazies.

Have you ever considered that maybe as a Coptic Christian from Egypt, this guy had a reason to be Islamophobic considering what his people are enduring in Egypt.

Just playing Devil's Advocate here.

703 said...

" this guy had a reason to be Islamophobic..."

A reason for bigotry? Is that what you're defending? Would you say such a thing if somebody made a video that was clearly anti-Semitic?

Siarlys Jenkins said...

However, when you think about the spirit of the law, it smells-as does virtually everything about this administration.

Gary, not well said.

Or, as Ronald Reagan might say... "There you go again."

Gary Fouse said...


Just being Devil's advocate as I said, but if you were a Coptic Christian Egyptian and your people were being persecuted and your churches burned and bombed with forced conversions, wouldn't you be a little "bigoted" too?

Were black slaves "bigoted" if they hated their white masters?

You are an educated guy-why don't you think about it?

Miggie said...

There are scores of probation violators walking around... for much worse offenses. This is a case of selective prosecution.

If Obama were a decent man and falsely accused this man of causing the riots across the Muslim world, he would pardon him.

Obama made up this story about the video to excuse the failure of his foreign policy, particularly in the Arab world, where there were riots in some 30 odd countries against the US. In Cairo, they chanted, "We are all Osama, Obama" Maybe they chanted the same thing in other countries. I read that they typically chant "Monica, Monica" whenever Hillary visits an Arab country.

So this poor shlub, exercising his 1st Amendment rights has to be the fall guy for Obama's incompetence.

703 said...

Okay, I see what you mean. There's a difference between understanding and excusing. I thought you were doing the latter, but it looks like you were just doing the former.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

Miggie: "This election can't come soon enough."

Well, it has come.

I wasn't going to say anything, but you're the same old curmudgeon who never learns anything.