Thursday, June 14, 2012

Milestone: NBC Comments on Fast and Furious-Sort of

Hat tip Breitbart TV and Hot Air

What could be more indicative of the state of our mainstream news media than this report commenting on Brian Williams' "report" of the Fast and Furious scandal?

Are you kidding me?

Nowhere is there any mention that Fast and Furious has resulted in 2 deaths of US agents or the 200-300 deaths of Mexican citizens. In fact, the thrust of the report is over the leak of sensitive intelligence information rather than Fast and Furious itself. The uninformed viewer would probably conclude that Republicans wanted Holder to resign because he appointed two Justice Department attorneys to investigate the leaks rather than appoint a special prosecutor. This is the best NBC can do? At least CBS has a reporter who has gone to the mat trying to ferret out information on Fast and Furious (Sheryl Attkisson), and "curiously" incurred the wrath not only of the Justice Department, but of the White House as well..

Sean Hannity often remarks that Brian Williams and Tom Brokaw must be embarrassed when they see what comes out of MSNBC everyday. As for Williams, he should be embarrassed on his own  faulty reporting. To have ignored this story for so long then portray the Holder testimony in this light is misleading reporting at the very least.


Findalis said...

I understand that Holder blinked today. He is turning over the e-mails.

I guess he will not fall on his sword yet. But give him time.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

Fox News reporting on NBC's reporting?

That's like Pepsi reporting on Coca-Cola, or the Democratic National Committee assessing the integrity of the Republican Party.