Friday, June 29, 2012

Is the Muslim Brotherhood in America?

(The answer is yes.)

The below video was sent to me from ACT for America and shows a video of a joint MPAC (Muslim Public Affairs Council)  police event at the Islamic Center of Southern California in Los Angeles on May 15. In this clip, Tom Trento of The United West poses a question to the panel and later speaks one on one with LAPD Chief of Counter Terror Intelligence squad Michael Downing.

Downing thinks that the Muslim Brotherhood has changed. He is the same person who informed me when I told him about the Blind Sheikh having spoken at the Islamic Center of Orange County mosque in 1992 and his sermon on jihad being translated by Imam Muzammil Siddiqi, that some people change over time.

Trusting sort, Mr Downing.

The Muslim Brotherhood communique that is referred to is the same one I showed to Ibrahim El-Houdaiby, Brotherhood spokesman when he visited UC Irvine in 2008. He denied its authenticity and insisted there was no Muslim Brotherhood presence in the US.

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Squid said...

Unfortunately, there is an error of omission or commission by Downey in his claim that Islamists change over time. One has to ask the question: Did the Koran, Hadith and Sira (the Islam Trilogy) change? If not, how do Islamists change. If the Koran is the word of Allah, and the Hadith the traditions of Mohammad, how have they changed? Nothing has changed as the Islamists have not changed. All that is written for the orthodox Muslims has not changed and hence they will follow the trilogy, mostly as it is out forth in the "Reliance of the Traveler". Either Downey is hopelessly ignorant of Islam, a dimmi Kafir, or afraid to speak the truth due to pressure of loosing his job for not being PC.