Thursday, April 26, 2012

How Holocaust Remembrance Day is Commemorated at California State University Long Beach

Hat tip to Orange County Independent Task Force on Anti-Semitism

It looks like a little sensitivity training is needed for the Muslim Student Association at Cal State Long Beach.

Of course, no such conversation will ensue on campus because, after all, it's only Jews who are offended, and we don't want to offend the sensitivities of the MSA because that would be 'insensitive", wouldn't it?


This is the same "wall" that will be making its appearance at UC Irvine come next month accompanied by the same old tired collection of radical speakers who will tell us how terrible Israel is while ignoring all the hate, religious intolerance, murders and assorted carnage occurring in neighboring countries. Don't think that will deter them because they are totally oblivious as to absurd they sound.


Anonymous said...

Did you happen to see the story in the OC Register today about UC Irvine? It said that UC Irvine is going to collaberate with Israeli universities.

Drake said the Israeli universities are natural partners for UC Irvine.

Technion-Israel Institute of Tech, Ben-Gurion University, Hebrew University and soon Tel Aviv University will sign on.

Findalis said...

The Muslims are upset that they cannot gas Jews anymore. But if Cal State Long Beach has their way, they will be giving classes in Gas Chamber Maintenance and Death Camp Administration to appease the Muslim Students Union.

Anonymous said...

For a little more info on the UC Irvine story

People on here talk about Jewish groups not doing enough for UC Irvine. This is a big step. It should benefit all the universities involved.

Gary Fouse said...


Oh please. First of all, I agree it is a positive step that Chancellor Drake signed agreements with Israeli universities-but historic?. Lisa Armony, who was a reporter for the Jewish Journal, and a pretty ineffective one at that, is now running the Rose project, which is the money arm of the OC Jewish Federation, which, in turn, has been part of the problem at UCI for years through their denial. If you know Lisa, ask her about that scoop I gave her at Israel hate week a couple of years back-which she did not print. So now she is running the Rose Project, which has helped to fund the Olive Tree Initiative.

Gimme a break.

BTW: Why are you remaining anonymous?