Thursday, April 12, 2012

Hillary Clinton: The Aid (to the Palestinians) Must Go on.

Hat tip to National Journal

"The check's in the mail."

Our gal, Hillary Clinton, has overruled Congress and decided that we must continue to pay protection money to the Palestinians in our vain effort to keep them from being the radicals that they are.

I guess in Hillary's world only our money can keep the Palestinians from going off the deep end. And thus far, it has worked so well. Just think; our money has prevented missiles from being lobbed from Gaza into southern Israel. Our money has kept the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank from allowing vicious anti-Jewish cartoons, shows, and images from being shown on TV and in the papers. It was our money that prevented the Fogel massacre from happening. It was US tax-payer dollars that stopped those flotillas and flytillas dead in their tracks. And don't believe it was the Israeli wall that stopped those suicide attacks by the Palestinians. On the contrary, it was our money.

And it is the same thing happening in Egypt, where our money has prevented that country from becoming radicalized under the Muslim Brotherhood. It has been our money that has kept that Israel-Egyptian peace treaty as strong as the Rock of Gibraltar.

Let us be honest. We are paying protection money, tribute, if you will to the Middle East in the stupid hope that we will turn them into nice, peaceful little democracies that will make peace with Israel and love the US. It is a fool's errand.


Siarlys Jenkins said...

It's not "protection money" because they are not a direct threat to us. We're paying to try to stabilize the region for the benefit of Israel, which, lulled by the notion that Uncle Sam is taking care of everything, feels free to elect governments that refuse to do anything sensible, instead prolonging the agony to keep their own "protection money" flowing.

Gary Fouse said...


Every cent we give to the Middle East is protection money.

Plain and simple.

It's about time we let them sink in their own mire.