Saturday, March 31, 2012

French Police Round up 19 Radicals

Masked special forces police escort a member of the Islamist community under heavy guard in Coueron, near Nantes, March 30, 2012.

In the wake of the Toulouse atrocity, France under President Nicholas Sarkozy appears to be showing some backbone. First they denied entry to a number of radical imams who wanted to attend a conference in France including Yusuf al Qaradawi. Now they have rounded up 19 suspected radicals, some of whom may be kicked out of the country. (2 have been released.) Below is the news report from Fox.

Here is a more extensive report from Leader-Post (Hat tip Creeping Sharia):

I don't know the facts surrounding these suspects, what specifically they have been charged with, their actual citizenship, or how French law works in these matters. Under American law, this action may or may not be considered legal. That doesn't  matter. French law is what matters, and I know that it is fair enough for me. (France uses the Napoleonic Code.) If France can say enough is enough, start keeping bad actors out of the country, and start getting those already there out of the country, I salute them. If they can prosecute those advocating violence and subversion, I say great. Perhaps France can set the template for the rest of Europe.

I salute President Sarkozy.

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