Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Another UC Davis Fiasco

This week, two Israeli soldiers spoke at UC Davis. Not unexpectedly, anti-Israel students and others showed up to heckle and shut the event down. Pro-Israel Bay Bloggers has the report and a video.

If you don't know a lot about the Israel-Palestinian issue and can't figure out who the good guys are and who the bad guys are, pay attention to which side gets to speak without any disruption and which side routinely gets their presentations disrupted-if they even get to speak on a college campus.

Undoubtedly, this punk in the video would never even think to put on a uniform and serve his own country's military, but he thinks he can disrupt those that do when they attempt to speak their piece.

And where were the UCD Campus Police? What are they a bunch of potted plants? Have they run out of pepper spray, or are they now too timid to enforce rules and laws on campus? Did they never anticipate that security might be necessary for this type of an event?

The list of disgraceful events at UC campuses continues to climb under the feckless leadership of UC President Mark Yudof. It has infected virtually every UC campus and brought disrepute to what should be a great university. The time has long since passed when he and all his feckless chancellors should find another line of work. They have proven they cannot run a college campus.


Squid said...

This "Indian" (not native American) violates every code of free expression in the Academy. As a student, he should know what academia is all about. It is the sharing of information, which is the foundation of learning. This miscreant is obviously misplaced in a learning environment and is doomed upon the dung-heap of stupidity. He needs to go back to India. Why does this disruption smack of the tactics of the Irvine 11?


Gary Fouse said...

Yes. One pof the commentors on the Bay Bloggers claims that the student says he was paid 50 bucks by the MSA to disrupt the event. Hopefully, there will be an investigation.

Anonymous said...

The cops should have at least ushered the heckler who clearly stated his goal was to shutdown the event out of the room.

If the police aren't going to protect the rights of those who went to hear the presentation people in the audience will take measures into their own hands in the future and that will be a mess.

Findalis said...

I wonder what the MSU would do if any Jewish group did to their speakers what they do to Jewish/pro-Israel speakers.

Probably get the Administration to ban every Jewish group on campus.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

When people show up to heckle, the appropriate response is to comment at some length over a P.A. system, "We have here some people who disagree with the views of tonight's speaker. You can tell by how loud they are, by their earnest sense that they must interrupt and shut down the speaker, that they are incapable of offering a sensible argument of their own. Those who are confident of the truth have no need to be loud. The truth will win in the end. The louder they get, the more often they interrupt, the more they show us that they have no confidence in the truth of their own statements."

And so on along that line.

Miggie said...

These incendiary accusations spew forth without a scintilla of evidence. This guy is convinced for some reason that the speaker is a rapist, a rapist of children if I heard right. Where does he get such information? Why is he so quick to believe it? Why is it he WANTS to be arrested.

Everyone of these guys should be expelled, not only from school, because they disrupt the operation of the university, but from the country, because they are potential terrorists. They are potential terrorists because they are willing to risk everything so that another view might be made.

They are afraid of the truth and are only able to shout down opponents. These are not potential citizens or people we should allow in our schools.

Anonymous said...

Can campus police arrest and usher out students or others attending a meeting without arresting them for a criminal charge?

Is there a legal standard/threshold for police to arrest someone for disorderly conduct or disturbing the peace?

Have courts established qualifications that must be met before someone can be removed from a public lecture?

Gary Fouse said...


I would use the Irvine 11 case. The rules for indoor events are stricter than outdoor events. The point is that the speaker and the audience have a right that should not be subject to a heckler's veto.

I go to events all the time where I detest what the speaker is saying and most of the audience agrees with. I don't have the right to shut them down. I listen and then try to challenge the speaker during Q and A. Those that cannot do that have no arguments.