Thursday, October 27, 2011

Another Stunner From Janet Napolitano

Here is the feckless Janet Napolitano testifying before Congress on Fast and Furious. What is shocking here is that she says she and her department have not been in communication with Eric Holder and the Justice Department over Fast and Furious-the botched operation that is connected to the deaths of two of her employees.

Where does one start? She refers to the referral of the investigation to the Inspector General of the Justice Department, a woman with a long association with Holder and one who has already compromised herself in this very matter by turning over taped conversations to the officials involved in the scandal. Not only is Napolitano not bracing Holder against the wall by the scruff of his neck demanding answers, she is not even talking to him!

Pass the Propofol. 


Squid said...

This video of Janet is only a placeholder (Not Eric Holder), for the "Jerk of the Year Award".
This whole nefarious "Fast and Furious" gambit was illegal from the beginning, poorly conceived, and a ploy to impose more gun control on the American people by the Obama Administration. Heads will roll.


elwood p suggins said...

Any fool with an IQ even approaching room temp should have been able to figure out that firearms furnished to individuals/organizations who were already involved in gun violence would inevitably be utilized in further gun violence.


Also possibly linked to Squid's gun control comment, recall that the Obama adminstration a while back, I believe prior to the disclosure of "Fast and Furious", inaccurately stated repeatedly that 90% of all guns recovered from crime scenes, etc., in Mexico were traceable to the U.S. This does not, of course, account for non-traceable guns. While it may (or may not) be true that 90% of the guns which were traceable came from the U.S., that is a totally different scenario than that originally presented.

You don't necessarily have to be a conspiracist to at least recognize in passing that furnishing traceable guns to Mexico would indeed statistically inflate, and illegitimately at that, the percentage of recovered traceable guns.