Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Christian Pastor Faces Execution in Iran

Last night at the City of Orange City Council meeting, I was chatting with an acquaintance, who is a Christian from Iran. She was telling me about the religious intolerance that exists in Iran and how they were brought up to believe that Jews were dirty, smelly, unclean, and all sorts of things. It brought me back to thinking about that Jewish rabbi from the crazy Neturei Karta sect in New York, Ysroel Dovid Weiss, a nut job who spoke on behalf of the UC-Irvine Muslim Student Union last May during Israel-Apartheid Week. In my exchange with him after his dopey speech, he explained his friendship with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, whom he regularly visits in Iran, by informing me that Iran protects its Jewish minority. He would not address my accusations about persecution of Baha'i and homosexuals. Weiss is pictured below schmoozing with Ahmadinejad.

Now comes this piece of news that a Christian pastor faces execution because he refuses to recant and return to Islam. (Are you reading this CAIR? I know you are.)

As CAIR goes about its duties of telling us how badly Muslims are treated in this country (which is a crock) and threatening to sue every person who dares speak out about these outrages around the world, they might try to come up with an explanation for this horror.

"Well, that's just Iran. We are opposed to Ahmadinejad. After all, we are always speaking out against him and Iranian policies towards, Jews, gays, Baha'i and Christians."


"Well, that's just Sudan. We condemn the genocide against the Darfurians and other black (non-Muslim Sudanese in the south). We are always speaking out against it."


"Well that's just Pakistan. We are always speaking out against the killing of Christians and Ahmadis and the burning of churches."


"Well thats just Iraq. We are always speaking out against the killing of Christians and the killing of Sunnis and Shia by each other."


Oh Well, that's just Egypt. We are always speaking out against the persecution of Coptic Christians.


"Well, that's just Yemen. We are always speaking out against the plight of the ancient Jewish community-what's left of it."


Well, that's just Gaza. We are always speaking out against the terror group, Hamas and their lobbing of rockets into Israeli schoolyards and their charter of killing the last Jew according to the hadith....."


Well, that's just Nigeria. We are always speaking out against the slaughter of Christians in the Muslim-dominated areas."

"Aren't we, boys?"

"That's right!"

* For all you UC Santa Cruz Community Studies majors, that's Norman Finkelstein, the famed "independent scholar with a PHD from Princeton. You've probably seen him on your campus a hundred times.

By the way, a very recent poll this year by the Abu Dhabi Gallup Center indicates that about 11% of US Muslims identify with CAIR. As for Weiss' Neturei Karta sect, I think you could fit them all into a phone booth.

* Phone booth- For all you UC Santa Cruz.......... never mind.

* UC Santa Cruz - America's Wackiest University.


Miggie said...

Your list of "Oh that is an isolated situation" could have gone on and on if you include the Balkans and the 'stan countries. As a matter of fact, in every single Muslim country in the world there is repression and bloody disputes within the country and with the neighboring countries.

It is surprising that this singular characteristic isn't obvious and well known to all.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

So, if only 11% of American Muslims identify with CAIR, that means 89% don't. Presumably they all read the same Qu'ran, just as Roman Catholics, Greek Orthodox, Pentecostals, Presbyterians and Methodists read the same Bible, as does that wacky nut-job in Georgia who held a ceremony to burn the Qu'ran, and as did Ambrose, one of the most viciously anti-Semitic Christians of all time.

(Yes Gary, I know Ambrose lived and died a long time ago. So did Muhammed and the authors of the hadiths. The point is, Christians still read and respect the sorry sadist.)

So, it would appear that the Qu'ran, per se, and Islam, per se, are not inherently violent, intolerant and hungry for theocratic rule, since 89% of those who take their spiritual inspiration from it so not identify with CAIR.

Right Gary?