Thursday, March 24, 2011

Video From Villa Park Meeting

On March 22, the Villa Park (Orange County) City Council held a meeting. One of their members, Deb Pauly, was the object of a protest organized by the bully boys of CAIR. A few hundred people with time on their hands showed up. While their more "important" members spoke to the council inside and demanded an apology from Pauly for her words at the February 13 protest in Yorba Linda, several hundred people, mostly CAIR drones, shouted at the pro-Pauly supporters with the old refrain, "racists and bigots" (which is pure horseradish). Note the keffiyas (Palestinian/Arab scarves) in the crowd.

The main target of the pro-CAIR protesters is Rabbi Nachum Shifren, who you can see front and center with the long grey beard.

Let me set this whole thing straight. On February 13 in Yorba Linda, the object of the protest was the presence of two known radical Islamic speakers, Amir Abdel Malik Ali and Siraj Wahhaj. Now, CAIR and its minions are trying to portray everyone who participated and spoke at Yorba Linda as being bigots because of the (inappropriate) chanting of some who came to Yorba Linda with their own agenda in mind.

Why don't they go and chant their slogans at those two speakers?

I expect to have more on the event of Tuesday night.


Squid said...

Very interesting video(s). One wonders if some of the protesters are from the Muslim Brotherhood group MSA/MSU? But one thing is for sure, if the viewer looks closely, around the 120 mark and beyond, a male protestor who is wearing a red scarf, is also holding a megaphone with "ANSWER" written on it. Most of us know that "ANSWER" is a hard-left, Marxist group, funded by a George Soros NGO. It looks like they are successful in trying to create a crisis, from below. Typical Soros tactic. Gotcha, hard-leftists.


Miggie said...

Good video of Muslim version of Freedom of Speech. They yell so nobody else can talk.

Sally said...

CAIR and all their drones need to be confronted with the TRUTH!
We Americans need to tear down CAIR and all their government, school and media cohorts of Hamas propaganda:(LATimes, OCRegister, UCLA, UCI etc.,...,...,....
CAIR continues their wide path of destruction in brainwashing more and more young students to Islam revolution followship of evil, violence, hatred of Israel and American Liberties...
CAIR needs to STOP and DESIST right NOW!!!

Anonymous said...

How many people are actually members of CAIR?

Is CAIR really just like PETA and the Westburo Church - they are great at getting a lot of attention for themselves but are pretty much worthless extremists?

I mean I am against cruelty to animals and I am against chants of go back home to peaceful Muslim Americans or to any Americans.

But I don't take PETA too seriously. Why should I take CAIR seriously? They both seem to take some kernal of something that people can get behind and then run with it to an extreme.

It seems CAIR thinks that as long as Muslims do not commit an act of violence, Muslims can do nothing wrong, especially when it comes to Israel.

Anonymous said...

Instead of having someone like Pauly speak at a rally against the radical ideology of someone like Malik Ali who opnly support Hamas being being invited as a keynote speaker to an event in her area, she should not give a speech.

She should just lead the crowd to chants of Hamas, Hamas, Hamas has got to go outside the event.

Gary Fouse said...


I suggest youe xplore CAIR's own web site plus the regional web sites. You will see two themes; 1 that US Muslims are just mainstream folks, and two, a litany of discrimination/hate victim claims.

CAIR was formed in the 1990s as a result of a Philadelphia meeting where it was planned to set up just such an organization. (The meeting was monitored by the FBI). They aim to be some sort of naacp. They portray themselves as moderate, peaceful folks, but they are a creation of the Muslim Brotherhood. (I suggest you also research the MB since they are in the process of taking power in Egypt, where they are based.)

The principle tactic of CAIR is to intimidate those who speak out against radical Islam and specific people by either suing them to silence them or painting them as racists. One of the most recent examples is Rabbi David Eliezre of Yorba Linda, who spoke at the Yorba Linda protest. Now they are calling him a white supremist.

Gary Fouse said...

Correction to above comment. It is not Rabbi Eliezre who has been called a white supremist. It is David Yerushalmi, a lawyer helping to fight sharia-related issues.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

Keffiyas? What caught my eye was the blonde with the sunglasses.

Gary Fouse said...

How about the gal in the hijab saying, "Who's the minority now"?

Siarlys Jenkins said...

If you don't know the difference between a keffiya and a hijab, don't go making off hand remarks.

There was a scurrilous story circulating on the internet during the first year of the Iraq war about a fictitious Iraqi woman in a supermarket wearing a burqa ranting about the U.S. invading her country, and the smart way some 'merican standing in line at the check-out counter told her off.

The story gave itself away as fiction, because Iraqi women don't wear burqas. That's in Afghanistan. Iraqi women might wear a hijab, at most, and Hussein al-Takriti used to "disappear" women for wearing a hijab to university classes.

But my point was, there seem to be some rather Nordic American types in the crowd too, and its silly to be singling out particular items of clothing.

Gary Fouse said...

I know the difference between a keffiya and a hijab. I was referring to different individuals. Some were wearing keffiyas and a woman in a hijab made the comment, "Who's the minority now?"

As to the "nordic types", they were mostly the usual suspects from ANSWER and other radical groups always ready to join in the latest demonstration. Did you see the bullhorns with ANSWER written on them? You may have seen a few in Madison recently.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

I don't even know what "ANSWER" is an acronym for. Was it formed by Americans with a spelling problem who thought they had come up with an acronym for "Ansar"?

Miggie said...

ANSWER is the acronym for the Act Now to Stop War and End Racism organization.

Google is very helpful in learning about things like this if a circumstance ever comes up when you don't already know everything there is to know about it.