Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Plight of Amsterdam's Jews

Anne Frank
Remember her?

I am cross-posting an article from Pro-Israel Bay Bloggers that features news stories in the Dutch paper De Telegraaf and the magazine Elsevier about the plight of Amsterdam's Jewish population, which is increasingly coming under attack from the Muslim immigrants-with scant interest of the Dutch authorities. As a result, many are leaving the country.,1

It's the same old story in Europe, especially in The Netherlands. Remember that country we all knew that became tolerant to the point of absurdity as a result of their occupation under the Nazis in World War II? Then they tolerated the occupying Nazis dragging off two-thirds of their Jewish population to the gas chambers. Now they tolerate a militant and aggressive immigrant minority that is making life miserable for the remaining Dutch Jews. According to De Telegraaf, the perpetrators are "almost always young Moroccans."

Remember the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam, supposedly a museum dedicated to tolerance? What happened to the lessons of the Holocaust in The Netherlands? It is beyond disgusting.

To the Dutch I say: These are your people, damn it! Protect them!

What a disgusting country!

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