Thursday, March 25, 2010

Korruption in Kalifornia

First the bad news: Karen Bass (D) recently resigned as California State Legislature Assembly Speaker so she could run for Congress in her home district of Southcentral Los Angeles. On her way out, she gave big pay raises to her staff, this in the face of California's budget crisis as the state teeters on the edge of bankruptcy.

Now for the good news, right?


Incoming assembly speaker, John Perez (D) has given huge pay increses to his own staff including a 65% increase to his chief of staff, one Sara Ramirez. She is now making $190,000 a year-more than Perez himself-her boss.

Meanwhile, our crackhead legislature recently held hearings on the idea of passing legislation to-get this-require the porn industry to require condoms!! To make their case, the elected crackheads listened breathlessly as some porn actress testified about making a film with some 75 "leading men".

Too bad ex-legislator "Spanking Mike" Duvall is no longer up there.

"You've been a naughty girl!"

That's in Sacramento. Down in LA, Mayor Tony Villaraigosa has cut his own deal with the bloated bureaucracy known as the Department of Water and Power. This monstrocity takes in so much money that every 6 months, it contributes about $200 million bucks to the city of LA.

Well, apparently, LA under Villaraigosa has become so bloated with highly-paid city union employees, that it cannot continue to meet the payroll. Here's where DWP comes in. In order to keep that cash flow coming, DWP wants the city to authorize a 28% rate hike on electricity. That will enable the DWP to keep their own union employees awash in salary and benefits as well as LA's. Done deal.

I think Webster's dictionary calls it a symbiotic relationship, kind of like the bird that sits on the back of the rhino and eats the ticks away.

What it boils down to is that city residents will face a 28% utilities hike in order that the city and DWP can satisfy their own employee unions.

Not so, insists Villaraigosa, who explains that the city is "embracing green jobs" in the spirit of California's "final solution to the Global Warming problem" (2006 Global Warming Solutions Act-or some such nonsense). To back him up, he dragged in none other than that noted enviromental expert Al Gore, who, today, from Nashville, made a satellite video address to Tony and his constituents by praising the "courage" of Mayor Tony. What was really comical was that Gore was caught on tape prior to his prepared statement practicing the pronunciation of Villaraigosa's name-which he finally pronounced, "Via RI-gosa". Close enough. Tony, for his part, introduced Gore as vice-president and NOBLE prize winner.

Speaking of the Global Warming Solutions Act, this draconian piece of legislation, (AB32) which is going to kill from an estimated 485,000 to 1.1 million jobs in order to create about 10,000 new jobs is being defended by California Air Resources Board Charwoman (no, that's not a typo) Mary D. Nichols. She's the same genius who hired some guy to do a diesel fuel study, which figured up the number of people who had died from diesel fuel particulate poisoning, the results of which led the CARB to pass regulations forcing those with diesel engine vehicles to have expensive overhauls to their engines, then covered up the fact that her researcher had a fraudulent PHD and had bought a diploma from some diploma mill in the UK run by some other guy who was a fugitive from New York on charges of child molestation, none of which Mary thought that her fellow commissioners needed to know before they voted on the regulation.

(You will note that the last sentence had no dangling participles.)

Tony V also tells us that they are going to create 1,800 new jobs with this scam, 1600 of which will be so-called "Green Doctors" who will go door to door explaining to the stupid masses how they can save energy in their homes.

Ok, Dr. Boris, after we gain entry, you check the toilets. Dr. Bob, you check the shower pressure. Dr. Jim and Dr. Rocky will check the thermometers......."

But wait, you say. Don't we have a Republican governor up in Sacramento, Arnold Schwarzenegger. What's he doing about all this?


PatriotUSA said...

Sounds alot like Oregon, Gary.
Pacific Power is after a 20% rate
hike to bring in funds to support
all the 'alternative energy'
projects our Governor has forced on us.

Gary Fouse said...


Ate there any govt unions involved up there?