Saturday, August 29, 2009

Political Correctness in Berlin

The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem meets Hitler in Berlin, November 28, 1941

I am attaching an article from the Jerusalem Post, which appeared this week. It concerns a current exhibit in Berlin on the theme of the Third World during World War II. A small portion of the exhibit concerned the role of the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Hajj Amin al Husseini in the Holocaust. During the war, al Husseini resided for a few years as Hitler's guest in Berlin, from where he broadcast virulent, anti-Semitic radio messages to the Middle East. He also helped organize a Muslim Bosnian SS division, which participated in the killings of Jews. After the war, al-Husseini escaped prosecution only because the Allies wanted to avoid alienating the Arab world. He was allowed to return to the Middle East, where he continued his war against the Jews. The article is below.

As I have written many times, Germany (albeit belatedly) has, in the past decades, done an admirable job of facing up to its culpability in the Holocaust. It must be noted that other nations such as Austria, Ukraine, Lithuania and others had a role in the Holocaust as Germany's accessories. Many of these nations have not faced up to their involvement as has Germany. Yet, when it comes to this one aspect, the exhibit has chosen to follow the path of political correctness and not offend Muslims by pointing out the involvement of the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem. This is a mistake. Germany continues to have a special obligation to deal with the past. While the nation is not reluctant to point the finger of blame at itself, it must not whitewash or cover up the involvement of others-no matter who they may be.

The part of the exhibition dealing with al-Husseini should never have been removed. We cannot re-write history. Or can we?


Joachim Martillo said...

We should support Philippa Ebéné. The collaboration accusation against the Mufti is Zionist propaganda crap: Zionist Hate Crime in Germany.

Findalis said...

Must never offend the Muslims, even when it is the truth!

Gary Fouse said...


Your posting betrays you either as an idiot or merely a propagandist. al-Husseini was a vicious anti-Semitic monster who should have been hanged at Nuremberg. And for you to cast doubt on his crimes because he spoke neither Serbo-Croation or German is laughable. Have you ever heard of interpreters? If he didn't speak German, does that mean he didn't live in Berlin during World War II?

This guy was an anti-Semite before the war and after the war. He encouraged murder and genocide, and for you to defend him is disgraceful.

PS: I don't know why you list yourself as a follower of this
blog. If you are trying to send me a message that you are "monitoring" me-it won't work.