Monday, February 23, 2009

Boycot Durban II

The below message and video comes to us from International Christian Embassy Jerusalem of Murfreesboro, TN.

"In the picturesque Swiss city of Geneva this coming April 20, the United Nations is due to hold its second global summit on racism a 'human rights' gathering designed to review the outcomes of the hate-filled fiasco held in Durban, South Africa in the week before the 9/11 attacks of September 2001.

UN Human Rights Council chair Libya is in the driving seat and has gladly handed the wheel over to Iran rendering the so-called Durban II conference little more than a UN-sponsored show-trial of Israel and the West.

As in 2001,
...only one nation is singled out for condemnation: Israel
…only one cause merits attention: Palestine
…and only one religion merits protection: Islam

This weekend the State Department announced that President Obama is content to go along with it.

The Durban II Declaration will make it an act of racism for the Jewish people to live in a land of their own and a hate-crime to condemn the Islamic terrorism that targets them.

Not in our name. Tell President Obama to boycott Durban II."

Boycott Durban II from ICEJ USA on Vimeo.

Fousesquawk comment: I heartily concur. This conference is nothing more than the Arab world (using the feckless United Nations) forcing the West to turn its back on Israel. They are even drafting a resolution that would make any criticism of Islam a criminal offense.

It behooves the US and the Obama Administration to lead the way in stripping this show trial of any legitimacy. No US representative should attend.

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