Sunday, June 29, 2008

Let's Play "Trivial Pursuit"

Who is this man? Heavyweight champ? Wesley Clark's pick for Executive of the Year? Vice President of Zimbabwe?........Nah.

See if you can answer the below questions:

1 Which country won the European soccer championships this week?
(Contest limited to US residents.)

2 Who was Robert Mugabe's running mate in the recent "election" in Zimbabwe?

3 Who is the heavyweight champion of the world? Hint: It's not Haystack Calhoun.

4 Which pastor (a Clinton supporter) said, "Barack Hussein Obama is a long-legged pimp with a white mama"? (I'm not making this up.)

5 Where is Ralph Nader these days?

6 How many home runs does Barry Bonds have this year?

7 Who has more home runs this year, Barry Bonds or Bill Clinton?

8 Who does Wesley Clark think has the requisite "executive experience" to be president?

9 Name one Republican that Keith Olbermann likes-other than Scott McClellen.

10 Which former president reportedly said this week that Obama "can kiss my ass"?

Bonus question: Who is the person in the above photograph? Hint: His name appears in the above questions.

And the answers (sort of):

1 Spain

2 I don't know, but I suspect nobody

3 I don't know-hell, maybe it is Haystack Calhoun

4 Rev. James David Manning of Harlem

5 I don't know

6 None

7 Same number-none. On second thought, probably Clinton.

8 Robert Mugabe?

9 I give up

10 William Jefferson Clinton-who else?

Answer to bonus question- Haystack Calhoun (on second thought, it could be any of them.)

Add up your correct answers. If you got 6 or more-you scored better than I did.

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