Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Democrat Debate in Iowa- Washburn Goes From Nurse Rachet to Florence Nightengale

".....and we'll live happily ever after."

I don't know what to say about the Democrat debate in Iowa other than moderator, Carolyn Washburn again provided the most newsworthy story.

The debate itself was boring-same limitation on topics, no Kucinich, no Gravel. There were no fireworks, no candidates taking shots at each other. It was just one big love fest with all of the candidates basically echoing each other's platitudes.

Washburn, who was cold, distant and basically rude to the Republican candidates the day before, showed that she really does have some warmth and personality-at least for Democrats. She was still somewhat wooden, but she was polite, she smiled, she laughed and she thanked the candidates for their kind words about Iowans. Problem is, it really underscored the charge that she is biased-as is most of the mainstream media. She basically was two different people from one debate to the other.

She did, however, attempt to throw some hard questions at some of the candidates. Yet, I think her shots at Biden about past racial gaffes and to Dodd about his father (who was censured by the Senate)were somewhat cheap. After the debate, Dodd was asked about the questions and stated that the question to Biden was a cheap shot.

But enough about the moderator. Neither she nor any other moderator should be the main event. The big issue that was leading up to the debate was the statement by Clinton campaign operative, Billy Shaheen, that Obama's drug history would make him a vulnerable candidate-an issue that the "mean old right-wing Republicans" would surely exploit. Typical Clinton tactic. Yeah, those Republicans will really go after Hillary's Democratic opponent for his (you fill in the blank). So now, Shaheen has resigned from the Clinton campaign and Hillary has issued an apology to Obama along with a statement that this has no place in her campaign. Right.

All in all, it was a lousy, boring debate, occasionally "livened up" by Hillary's cackling laughter. Iowans must be disappointed by both debates.

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